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Is your home garage, and even your backyard, filled with some cars that you no longer use for one reason or the other? Would you like to clear out space for some new useful rides? Do you need a company to buy junk cars at good rates while paying promptly for them? 

Tows R Us is a leading junk car buyer in Decatur, GA. We purchase and promptly pay for junk cars, allowing you to get some little cash to buy a new car with a little more financing. Our buying prices for most junk vehicles are very attractive. We know you do not want to feel like you’ve been cheated off your car. This is why we ensure that we offer you a good rate that matches the state of the car you want to dispose of.

While at it, we offer other related services including fuel delivery when your car stalls along the way due to an empty tank, long distance towing, roadside assistance, and even helping you get back access to your car when you lock yourself out. If you get stuck in a ditch due to poor visibility, or you skid off the road due to snow and mud, we’ve got you covered too. We will come to your rescue fast to pull you off the unfortunate situation.

Our highly experienced team is made up of experts in various aspects of vehicle repairs, maintenance, and mechanics. We will be able to come up with a way out of your situation fast, and with the best safety and care measures in place. We will help jump start your car, replace your flat tire and even pull your car off where it is stuck and if the scenario is worse, we will help tow your vehicle to safety very affordably. 

Call Tows R Us for long distance towing services, and because we buy junk cars. Make sure you also get in touch with us through our website to get more details regarding our rates, and how we buy junk cars.

Long Distance Towing

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