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Stranded on the road and need a wrecker to help move your disabled car to a safe location? Have you misplaced your car keys and gotten locked out of your car, leaving you stranded? Do you need professional, yet affordable help getting your car on the road again after it started malfunctioning? If so, then you need to call Tows R Us right now on (678) 755-8413.

We are a highly reputed commercial towing service provider in Stone Mountain, GA with quite a number of years of service in the larger Georgia area. We have state of the art towing vehicles, which ensure that we take care not to add to the damages that your vehicle already has when it stalled.

Our team is highly trained in vehicle mechanics and maintenance to ensure that they can easily help you get your car back on the road in record time if the reason for stalling is minor and easily repairable by the roadside. However, for complex problems, we will tow your car to a garage or to your home depending on your preferences.

Our wrecker services also come in handy when you get stuck in a ditch, in mud, or even in snow. We will help pull you out with utmost care to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs. That's why our commercial towing is rated number one in the area. We respond to accident scenes to tow away your wrecked car.

These top-notch roadside and car rescue services are available to residents of Stone Mountain 24 hours of the day, throughout the week. We have a dedicated team that will respond to your distress calls super fast, thanks to our on-time arrival guarantee. Locked out of a car, no problem. Battery died, no problem. 

Located in Stone Mountain, we are able to travel fast and get to you wherever you may be stalled. We know the area very well and know the accident hot spots in the area. Subscribe to our services today and never get worried about being locked out of a car, or stuck in a dark area again.

Locked Out of Car

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